Tongeren, a culinary hotspot 

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2000 years ago, Tongeren was home to many tribes including the Eburones. The Germanic and Celtic influences in our kitchen never disappeared. A Celtic feast ensured an evening full of fun and connection between Tongeren and the visitor. A feeling that can still be felt today. The dishes of Tongeren reflect our breathtaking landscape, our fertile soils and our climate.


In the first city of Belgium there are no less than 3 restaurants with a Michelin star. In the centre of the city they are De Mijlpaal and Magis and just outside the ramparts it is Altermezzo that earned the star. 


But there are also many delightful addresses for every stomach and, of course, for thirsty throats, for you to discover!


Our ancestors knew that Tongeren is a real beer city because they drank no less than 300 litres a year. Our regional product, the watercress, cannot be missing as a taste. The beer La Cresse is a full-bodied, blond tasting beer of top fermentation with refermentation in the bottle.


Between Tongeren and Maastricht, along the old Roman road, lies the largest wine castle in Belgium. The red, white and sparkling wines of the wine castle of Genoels-Elderen are on the menu of many Tongeren chefs.

The tour of the domain is highly recommended. Experienced guides take you into the wine story. Finish off with a wine tasting of course, ideal right?


View the Foodies Tongeren guide online here.


Below you will find several Tongeren catering establishments, in random order ;-)

Bistro Bis

Website Bistro Bis  €€-€€€

Adres: Hemelingenstraat 23, 3700 Tongeren, 600 meters from the apartment. 

Telefoon012 74 34 64

No nonsense bistro
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Website Intermezzo   €€

Adres: Grote Markt 13, 3700 Tongeren, 500 meters from the apartment.


Telefoon012 74 15 74

A small piece of Italy 
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Website Infirmerie  €€

Adres: Sint-Ursulastraat 11, 3700 Tongeren, 90 meters from the apartment. 

Telefoon012 44 10 44

Unique historical setting 
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Herberg De Pelgrim

My neighbours!
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Website De Pelgrim 

Adres: Brouwersstraat 9, 3700 Tongeren, 20 meters from the apartment.

Telefoon: 012 21 88 89 

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